Saturday, September 19, 2015

Norrie Paramor

Artist: Norrie Paramor and His Orchestra w/ Patricia Clark
LP: Autumn
Song: "Autumn Leaves" 
[ listen ]

I know autumn doesn't officially start until the middle of next week, but it's my favorite season so, like Fred Meyer with the holidays, I can't help getting an early head start. Somehow I've ended up with both a mono and a stereo copy of this 1960 LP in which Mr. Paramor celebrates this most glorious time of year while simultaneously supplying its soundtrack. I've used my mono copy for the front cover photo (the stereo copy cuts off part of the picture) and for the recorded track included here, but the images and notes below are from the back of my stereo copy since that cover is in much better shape. You can read all about Norrie Paramor here and here, and I tried to hunt down information about the tantalizing and intriguing Patricia Clark whose ethereal vocals float in and out like a modern-day Ariel, but her biography is missing. Anyway, to me autumn means sweaters, horror movies, pumpkin pie and flurries of wind-blown leaves. What does it mean to you?

[ Norrie Paramor: May 15, 1914 — September 9, 1979 ]

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