Sunday, May 29, 2016

Pete McCabe

Artist: Pete McCabe
LP: The Man Who Ate the Plant
Song: "The Man Who Ate the Plant"
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Song: "Music Box" 
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Here's a glistening gem I dug from out of the dusty 'Miscellaneous M' rock LPs bin at Golden Oldies last week while I was searching for...something I can't recall. From banjo-pickin', folk-singin' Pete McCabe, "The Man Who Ate the Plant" was released in 1973 on the Tumbleweed Records label just before it closed its doors. Pete, who lived in Denver in the early '70s, where Tumbleweed Records was based, now lives in California, and he's making music again! Go to his website here to listen to a sample from one of his recent songs, and go here to visit the Art Into Dust blog entry from 2012 in which Pete McCabe talks about making "The Man Who Ate the Plant."
[ Pete McCabe nowadays, on the castle grounds. ]

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