Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Rose Maddox

Artist: Rose Maddox
LP: A Big Bouquet of Rose's!
Song: "Early In the Morning"
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Song: "Just One More Time"
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Song: "There's Better Times a Comin'"
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It was Rose Maddox bonanza day at Golden Oldies in Tacoma last Saturday! I found no fewer than three of her albums there, both with and without her brothers. (Of course I also found no more than three. In fact, I found precisely three Rose Maddox albums on Saturday. I wish I'd found four.) Emmylou Harris and I both feel that Rose has never really been set in her proper high place in the vast country sky studded with shining musical stars both past and present. Rose hasn't received proper recognition as an actress either. Admittedly, I don't actually remember her as Woody "Big Boy" Harrelson's grandmother in Stephen Frears' THE HI-LO COUNTRY (1998), but I'm sure she deserved a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination at the very least. I'll be using Ms. Maddox as an excuse to re-watch THE HI-LO COUNTRY this weekend, but I probably won't be bothered by having to see a 1990s Billy Crudup cowpoke galloping around on my TV screen again.

[ Rose Maddox: August 15, 1925 — April 15, 1998 ]

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