Friday, August 12, 2016

Rose Murphy

Artist: Rose Murphy
7" EP: The "Chi-Chi" Girl - Rose Murphy Sings
Song: "I Can't Give You Anything But Love" 
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The older I get the more I find I need a little "Chi-Chi" when I get home from work on Friday nights. Rose "Chi-Chi Girl" Murphy earned her nickname due to her habit of sneaking the phrase "chi-chi" into the middle of many of her numbers. She even gets a few in here on this 7" EP from 1953. Married four times, Murphy's last husband was businessman "Pretty Eddie Murphy" (not to be confused with the ugly one, I suppose), who had once been married to Ethel Waters. You can read more about "The Girl With the Pale Pink Voice," aka. Rose "Chi-Chi" Murphy here.

[ Rose Murphy: April 28, 1913 — November 16, 1989 ]

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