Saturday, November 19, 2016

Kagny & the Dirty Rats

Artist: Kagny & the Dirty Rats
LP: Kagny & the Dirty Rats
Song: "Pocket Rocker"
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After leaving Troy, NY, I drove up into the Adirondacks and went camping by a lake. I enjoyed looking at all of the beautiful autumn leaves, had a delicious breakfast at Nancy's Village Cafe in Malone, stopped off at a castle on an island in Alexandria Bay, and then finally made my way over to Watertown, where I grabbed a sandwich and a beer at The Paddock Club, a local watering hole.

[ Camp ]

[ Leaves ]

[ Nancy ]

[ Castle ]

[ Club ]

The handsome bartender at The Paddock heard me whining about his town not having a record store, so he pointed out that there was actually a little thrift shop called Thrifted across the street that had some records for sale. I hustled over to check it out and found some vinyl in a small alcove behind a beaded curtain. This 1983 Motown LP by Kagny & the Dirty Rats was the only thing I bought. My online sleuthing didn't turn up much, but I did discover that Kagny's bass player is the very one and the same Cliff Liles who was in Apollo, a group that had released their only record just four years earlier. I was hoping "Pocket Rocker" would be a song about discreet public masturbation, like on a bus. No such luck.

[ Thrifted — Watertown, NY ]

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