Saturday, November 12, 2016


Artist: Patsy Maharam
LP: 7" single
Song: "Joggin'" 
[ listen ]

When I finally pulled into Schenectady on my trip across update New York, it was already dusk. I'd wanted to visit the city ever since I was a kid, just because of the name. I didn't have much time to poke around, so I parked just south of the Schenectady city center and went for a stroll. By the time I came across The Re-Collector, the owner had already begun moving bins of LPs and DVDs in off the sidewalk since they were about to close. As you can see in the photo below, the place is pretty crowded with things that have been re-collected. I squeezed myself through the narrow passageway toward the back of the store where I had spied two shelves that were packed with 45s.

The singles were only $1 each, but I still almost passed on "Joggin'" with Patsy (1981), thinking it was some novelty aerobics record on which Patsy would talk people through a running routine as slightly jazzy workout music played in the background. I figured she may even do some counting. "Oh, what the hell," I thought, and I threw it in my little pile and headed to the counter. Not all that excited about it from the start, I didn't even listen to Patsy's single until about two weeks after I got home and unpacked. It's not an aerobics record, not at all! Turns out it's one of the most wackily wonderful things I found on my trip! It's even got me working out again. Gotta move!—Gotta go!—Gotta exercise!

[ Downtown at Dusk — Schenectady, NY ]

[ The Re-Collector — Schenectady, NY ]

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