Monday, April 3, 2017

Doris Day

Artist: Doris Day
LP: Day Dreams
Song: "I Didn't Know What Time It Was"
[ listen ]

When Doris sings "I didn't know what year it was..." in the ballad posted above...well, that's actually based on a true story! I and lots of other people, including Doris herself, thought she was going to be celebrating her 93rd birthday today, but someone dug up her Ohio birth certificate and found out that she was born on April 3, 1922, and not in 1924! You can read about all that zaniness in the Los Angeles Times. So I guess that screws up the cake I brought to work for the 211 team today, but we all enjoyed it anyway. It's a white cake with a raspberry layer and lemon frosting, with colored sprinkles on the side.

Funny thing is, back in April of 2011 when I had some friends over for Doris' birthday and a home screening of ROMANCE ON THE HIGH SEAS, I'd gotten mixed up about what year she was born and bought a big "89" candle to stick on the cake. Only later in the week did I realize she had actually turned 87...but now it seems that my candles were right all along! 

In any case, however old she is, I hope Doris Day has had a wonderful birthday today. Such a lovely woman—her music, her movies, her dogs...I'll be having Day Dreams for the rest of my days.

[ Happy Birthday, Doris Day! ]

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