Saturday, April 1, 2017

Barbara Woodhouse

Artist: Barbara Woodhouse
LP: Train Your Dog with Barbara Woodhouse
Song: "Tone of Voice"
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On the one hand, "April Fools!" But on the other, I think some people really do need this advice from British dog trainer Barbara Woodhouse. I once dated some guy for a few weeks whose entirely undisciplined dog had chewed up the covers of all of his Criterion DVDs. His place pretty much looked like this. When he brought his dog over to my apartment once, it ran all over the place peeing on everything. It peed on my piano and then jumped up on my bed and peed on my comforter too. The guy (I've forgotten his name, thank god) took the comforter to the cleaners, but then he ran out of money so I had to pay $42 to get it back. "No!" "Naughty!" "Grrrrrrgh!"

[ Barbara Woodhouse: May 9, 1910 — July 9, 1988 ]

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