Sunday, April 30, 2017

Alberto Vazquez

Artist: Alberto Vazquez
LP: Como No Creer...
Song: "Spring Again"
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Song: "Como No Creer En Dios"
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I'm not usually the matchmaker type, but something tells me Alberto would get along really well with Patsy. One thing I admire about Latino men is that even some of the straight ones decorate their homes in a style I call "wedding-cake chic." You have to have a lot of confidence to do wedding-cake chic successfully and, as one can tell from his facial expressions on both sides of this LP, lacking confidence has never been an issue for Alberto.

There's not much written on Wikipedia in English about actor-singer Alberto Vazquez, but if you go to his Spanish-language page the whole world opens up to you. Alberto celebrated his 77th birthday ten days ago; his "Como No Creer..." LP came out in 1978, when he was 38 years old. "Spring Again" is the sole English-language track on the record; the rest of the songs are sung in español.

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