Monday, April 9, 2012


Artist: Ratata
LP: Jackie
Song: "Prinsessa På Vift"
[ listen ]

It's difficult to find details about '80s Swedish new wave group Ratata by searching Google nowadays, since these guys keep popping up instead. What I did manage to dig up here and here is that Mauro Scocco formed Ratata with three of his mates in 1981, but by the time "Jackie," the group's second LP, was released in 1982, Scocco was the sole remaining member. He and band musician Johan Ekelund, who co-wrote the album's hit title track, continued as Ratata through the remainder of the '80s, finally disbanding the group in 1989. Click here to visit the Ratata website, where you'll find their complete discography, some Swedish-language bio pages, and adorable photos of the Ratata boys like the one I've included below. There's a more recent incarnation of Ratata performing their hit song "Jackie" on a TV show here, where one might note that the grown-up Mauro Scocco bears a striking resemblance to legendary Hollywood actor/singer/comedian/ham Jack Carson.

[ Mauro Scocco & Johan Ekelund = Ratata ]

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