Friday, April 6, 2012

Thank U Berry Munch

The Girl Scouts at the entrance of Fred Meyer asked me if I wanted to buy some cookies, and I said yes. They automatically told me which cookies were the most popular, so I asked which ones were the least popular. The girls pointed to a box of cranberry-themed cookies, and I said I'd take those. They looked at me funny, so I explained that I always try to root for the underdog. The cookies were delicious, thank u berry munch.

side one:
1. One Less Worry - Pere Ubu
2. Cyclops - The Interpreters
3. The Mahjong Game - Chung Loo
4. Deserted - The Toys
5. One Man Woman - Sandy Posey
6. A Different Corner - George Michael
7. We Were Made For Each Other - Peggy Scott and Jo Jo Benson
8. Akaka Falls - Marlene Sai
9. Group Life - Lol Creme and Kevin Godley
[ listen ]

side two:
1. Serious - Donna Allen
2. Don't Change - INXS
3. $20 - Low
4. The Seventh Plane - The Mystic Moods
5. Another Year - Ann Sothern
6. An Occasional Man - Jim Tyler and His Orchestra
7. Rico Vacilon - Karl Zero with The Karlett's
8. N.Y. Stars - Lou Reed
9. Sempre - Gabriella Ferri
[ listen ]

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dj trish said...

Hi Alex
Wow what a mixtape.I listened to it while packaging a CD mix for a fellow mixmaker.
Interesting stuff I do say!