Monday, April 2, 2012

Ugo Calise

Artist: Ugo Calise
LP: Songs of Siren Land [10" EP]
Song: "L'Ammore Mio...È Francese!"
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This 1955 Ugo Calise 10" was one of the things I was going to clear out of my collection, but I just found copies for sale online for 300€! Guess I won't be dumping this one at the local thrift store. If anyone out there's interested, just make me an offer; the record's in really good condition and I'm willing to let it go for less than 250€. If and when this one does leave my hands, I'm gonna miss staring into Ugo's beautiful dark eyes. He's so darn handsome, even if he doesn't have any legs. You can read all about Ugo Calise in Italian here and Google awkwardly translates the page into English here (just click on Ugo's name). Notes, photos, and an "Ugo Calise" pronunciation guide from the back of the record are included below.

[ Ugo Calise: May 6, 1921 — August 6, 1994 ]

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