Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ann Blyth

Artist: Ann Blyth
LP: Hail Mary
Song: "The Lady of the Roses"
[ listen ]

I love the idea of owning a 1960 Virgin Mary-themed religious LP made by Veda Pirece, the spoiled, scheming, murderous bitch daughter of Mildred in the 1945 Crawford movie. I also like the fact that God himself evidently did Blyth's hair and makeup for the cover—it's a miracle of perfection! Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to let this one go to make room for records I might actually want to play while washing dishes or setting the mood for a romantic evening. You can read about Ann Blyth's life and career here, and go here to find a 2006 piece from the San Francisco Chronicle in which Ann talks about her Oscar-nominated performance in "Mildred Pierce" before making a rare public appearance at a tribute screening of the film, accompanied by a "Mildred Fierce Pie-Eating Contest." I would have killed to have been there!

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