Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sylvia de Grasse

Artist: Sylvia de Grasse
LP: La Cita
Song: "Mi Gallo Pinto"
[ listen ]

Here's a lovely something from talented Panamanian songstress Sylvia de Grasse. Born in Panama City in 1928, Sylvia eventually settled in New York City, though she remained dear to the hearts of her fellow countrymen (and countrywomen), who reportedly went wild whenever she returned to Panama. Sylvia was also an expert climber—of musical scales, that is, as you can hear for yourself in "Mi Gallo Pinto." Click here to read all about Sylvia de Grasse in Spanish, and I've included the bilingual liner notes from her 1954 "La Cita" LP below.

[ Sylvia de Grasse (center): October 28, 1921 — March 12, 1978 ]

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Yeyita said...

Love her. Mom use to make us clean house to her music. No one like her. Great things come From Panamá.... My mother was one of those.

It is nice to know others care for this type of music.Thanks for all info.