Friday, March 9, 2012

Gianni Morandi

Artist: Gianni Morandi
LP: Gianni 5
Song: "Il Giocattolo"
[ listen ]

Italian pop star and heartthrob Gianni Morandi was born in the small town of Monghidoro, Italy in December of 1944. In his youth he helped his father sell newspapers for the Italian Communist Party, shined shoes, cobbled, and sold candy in the town's only cinema. He signed to RCA Italiana when he was just 18 years old and rose to national stardom with the hit single "Fatti Mandare Dalla Mamma." You can read more about the handsome and talented Gianni Morandi on Wikipedia here, find additional info and listen to more of his songs on the European Film Star Postcards blog here, and visit Gianni's official website here, where you'll find his complete discography, filmography, and lots of other neat things.

Gianni Morandi on YouTube:

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