Monday, March 26, 2012

The Beechmonts

Artist: The Beechmonts
LP: In a Concert of Folk Songs
Song: "Blow the Man Down"
[ listen ]

This isn't going to be a very exciting week here at The Homoerratic Radio Show. I've been weeding stuff out of my record collection lately in order to make room for the LPs currently stored on my living room floor. Over the weekend I made my way through "Vocals—A to D" and found quite a few things I never should have picked up in the first place. The records I'm posting from this week aren't that bad though, they're ones I find interesting for one reason or another and would probably keep if only I had more space. But since I've decided to let them go, I figured I'd bid them a fond farewell here on the blog. The Beechmonts are comprised of husband and wife Bill Murphy and Marcy Bianco, plus Jim Kirby, who stored his guitar at Bill and Marcy's place while he was in the Army. (I didn't think folk singers believed in joining the Army.) Though The Beechmonts aren't really my cup of tea (not enough lemon), I'm sure there are many out there who appreciate the complexities of their "true, fluid, easy three-part harmonies" and who will find them "a delight to be heard."

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