Monday, March 19, 2012

High Voltage

Artist: High Voltage
LP: High Voltage
Song: "Limbo"
[ listen ]

Not to be confused with the New York-based AC/DC tribute band, or the '80s rock tribute group from New Orleans, or the heavy alternative rock band (featuring an electric combination of hard rock guitar riffs and solos, powerful drumming, grooving bass, spacey synthesizer, and various percussion topped off with rapped male vocals and sultry female vocals, with an occasional dose of saxophone, talkbox, acoustic guitar, and turntables) from Montana, this High Voltage from the early '70s...well, just don't confuse them with any of those others. Unfortunately, there's not much info about the group on the web, but what we DO know is that this particular High Voltage released a funky self-titled LP in 1972 (see review from Dave Thompson's "Funk" book below), and if they think I've got the time or inclination to do individual edits for all 45 photos they stuck on the back of their record, they're crazy.

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