Thursday, March 1, 2012

Silver Spurz Orchestra

 Artist: Silver Spurz Orchestra
LP: Silver Spurz Orchestra
Song: "Cowboy (Come and Love Me Tonight)"
[ listen ]
Song: "Cool Water"
[ listen ]

At first I assumed this was some campy pho-country disco record assembled in NYC by a bunch of cheeky clubbers—with "Cowboy (Come and Love Me Tonight)" vocalist Karen Taylor seemingly having landed herself in this situation, and "Cool Water" vocalist Alan Moore sounding like one of those cowboys who's adorned with way too many of these. But the LP sleeve says the Silver Spurz Orchestra made this record in Nashville—the Country Music Capital of the World! So evidently these guys are the real deal and this was just the sort of country music coming out of Nashville in 1979, if only for a few glorious hours.

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