Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gino Soccio

Artist: Gino Soccio
LP: S-Beat
Song: "The Runaway"
[ listen ]

Here's something bright and bouncy for a perfectly sunny and warm Seattle Sunday afternoon. I came upon Gino Soccio's 1980 LP "S-Beat" while weeding through some old LPs to see if I could find some worth getting rid of. I couldn't remember what it sounded like and thought it had potential for the 'out' pile, since the cover isn't all that exciting (no offense, Greg). But it turns out the record is awesome, so back on the shelf it goes! You can read about Canadian composer, arranger, producer, keyboardist, vocalist, and acoustic guitarist Gino Soccio on Wikipedia here. The album credits and fan club address are included below, and here's a neat photo of DJ Ron Hardy I found on the web while browsing for pics of Mr. Soccio

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