Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Los Diablos

Artist: Los Diablos
LP: Los  Diablos - Vol. III
Song: "Tus Besos" **
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Song: "Rosa La Sabrosona" ***
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Song: "Incomparable" *
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I've been pretty good about keeping myself out of record stores here in Seattle, at least until I've cleared the riff-raff out of my collection to make room for more great stuff. Unfortunately (and fortunately) I had a breakdown this past weekend and went bananas at a store on Capitol Hill. This terrific 1972 LP by Los Diablos is one of the fruits of my relapse. Not only does the group feature three different lead vocalists (each of them featured on a track posted here), but Los Diablos also demonstrate the importance of employing the electric organ to create quality Latin pop in the 1970s. At my workplace, my colleagues and I have posted our baby photos on a poster board and then we're all supposed to guess to see if we can tell whose picture is whose. Los Diablos plays a similar game on the back of their LP. Can you guess which of the youngsters is Hector? Where's Felipe? Can you find Miguel Angel? Who are those other three tots? There have been several other musical groups called Los Diablos over the years that aren't this one. You can read about one of them here.

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