Monday, July 1, 2013

Marilyn Mattson

Artist: Marilyn Mattson
LP: 7" single
Song: "He Means So Much To Me"
[ listen ]

My good friend Sarah and I took a little road trip together down the Oregon coast this past weekend, and of course I managed to gather a few vinyl gems along the way. This mid-to-late '60s (1967?) single by the delightful Marilyn Mattson (not to be confused with the other delightful pop star whose name sounds about the same when you pronounce them both out loud) is one of the things I found in a rumpled, floor-level box of cat-hair-covered 7" singles at Bach 'n Rock Music, Movies, and Espresso in beautiful Astoria, Oregon. I was excited when I saw the picture sleeve with Marilyn posing gaily on the cover...and my joy was only slightly diminished when I discovered that Allied Records evidently didn't have the time and/or money (or maybe just the inclination) to stick something equally alluring on the single's back cover. 

According to the Garage Hangover blog (see the comments section), Marilyn once resorted to soliciting unsuspecting and naive young music fanatics by mail in order to jump-start a fan base that would, in turn, organize a Marilyn Mattson fan club that would, in turn, catapult her to international stardom. I'm not sure if you're still out there, Marilyn, but I'm perfectly willing to start a fan club for you now. I'll just need you to send me a few more photos, a short biographical paragraph (200 words max.), and tell me your favorite food!

 [ Bach 'n Rock Music, Movies, Espresso, and Cat Hair – Astoria, OR ]

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