Sunday, July 7, 2013


Artist: Sweet
LP: Desolation Boulevard
Song: "The 6-Teens"
[ listen ]

Continuing northward on Highway 101 up the coast of Oregon last weekend, I asked Sarah if she would mind stopping at Rag and Bone, the little shop in Seaside where I'd found this vinyl gem when I passed through town several years ago. I figured it was probably too much to hope for a similar stroke of good luck this time around. But to my surprise, not only did I find this 1974 U.S. release of Sweet's "Desolation Boulevard" (there was evidently a different version released in the U.K.) and several other great LPs, but I also found a wide variety of delightfully odd vintage postcards, all of them still blank on the writing side. Here are some of my favorites:

[ Azir Mountains - Gardens near Abha ]

[ Downtown Los Angeles ]

[ Young Icelandic ladies ]

[ City Hall - Alhambra, California ]

[ Riyadh - The University ]

[ The Arid Garden - Fort Worth, Texas ]

[ Volendam - Interieur ]

 [ Los Angeles, California - View from City Hall tower ]

The good luck wasn't all just mine, as Sarah found the perfect green blazer for graduate school at the outlet mall right next door! Also, the friendly woman at Rag and Bone mentioned that her son was manning the nearby sequel to her store, Rag and Bone 2, and they had just received a bunch of old records! You can go here to read all about Sweet's rise to fame (they're sometimes called The Sweet), see their Sweet discography, and find out who has been in the group over the years, as well as the subsequent Sweets started by Brian Connolly, Steve Priest, and Andy Scott. I'll stick the track on DivShare as soon as the site gets fixed.

 [ Rag and Bone — Seaside, OR ]

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