Saturday, July 4, 2015


Artist: Anacani
LP: Por Que Te Olvidas De Mi
Song: "Por Que Te Olvidas De Mi"
[ listen ]

I headed north on a little out-of-town getaway last weekend and ended up in the quaint little town of Mount Vernon for breakfast. After my omelet, hashbrowns and toast came shopping at Lost In the Groove, a little record shop on Main Street where I found quite a few neat things, including this 1975 Anacani record. Born in Sinaloa, Mexico in April of 1954, Anacani kept being discovered by various people, including Lawrence Welk! She started singing regularly at the Lawrence Welk Resort in Escondido, California and then began making regular appearances on The Lawrence Welk Show, which made regular appearances on my Norwegian Grandma Bea's television set when I was at her house as a tot in the 1970s. Fortunately for everyone, the lovely Mexican singer had shortened her name from Anacani Maria Consuelo y Castillo Lopez Cantor Montoya to simply 'Anacani' before the kindly Scandinavian bandleader had to introduce her on his show. You can find Anacani performing on The Lawrence Welk Show at the link below, and go here to read more about this talented lady. 

ps. DivShare seems to be busted for good, so I've switched to SendSpace for listening to this and other recent tracks. After following the link, ignore the ads and big 'download' buttons and just click on the text in the light blue box in the center of the page. You should then be able to listen to the music with the media player of your choice. Oh, and Happy 4th of July!

Anacani on YouTube:
[ "Flying Down to Rio" ]
[ Lost In the Groove Records — Mt. Vernon, WA ]

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