Friday, July 24, 2015

Karen Young

Artist: Karen Young
LP: Hot Shot
Song: "Bring On the Boys" 
[ listen ]

I was initially drawn to this 1978 Karen Young record by the fact that she looks a little long in the tooth to be performing disco. (She brought to mind Disco Sally from Studio 54.) Based on the cover, I guessed Karen was somewhere around 50 when this LP was released, and that she had probably also been a guest star on "The Love Boat" at least twice (her frumpy '70s hair/dress combo practically screams Captain Stubing love interest). I was shocked to learn that Karen was born in 1951, which means that she was only 27 when this record came out. Sadly, Karen never made it to 50; she died at age 39, possibly from a bleeding ulcer. You can read more about Karen Young here, and watch her perform "Hot Shot," which peaked at #67 on the US singles charts, by clicking the link below.

Karen Young on YouTube:
[ "Hot Shot" ]

[ Karen Young: March 23, 1951 — January 26, 1991 ]

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