Saturday, April 9, 2016

Ian Lloyd & Stories

Artist: Ian Lloyd & Stories
LP: Traveling Underground
Song: "If It Feels Good, Do It" 
[ listen ]
Song: "Traveling Underground" 
[ listen ]

Stories founder Ian Lloyd was reportedly exasperated when his group's cover of "Brother Louie" shot to the top of the US singles charts back in 1973. The song didn't at all represent the direction he wanted his band to be going in! That must have been awful. So frustrating. I can't even imagine! (The Stories version is good, but of course the original by Hot Chocolate is even better.) "Brother Louie" was Stories' only single to enter the top 40, though two subsequent releases from their 1973 follow-up LP, "Traveling Underground," climbed into the Billboard Hot 100. "Mammy Blue" reached #50 and "If It Feels Good, Do It" peaked at #88. Stories' final single, "Another Love," is a bisexual's urgent plea for a little understanding from his lady friend. "There's a part of me you know nothing of...every door can swing both ways." The song failed to chart. All this and a whole lot more can be found on Wikipedia here. I love it when sexy long-haired '70s rockers pose for record covers without any shirts on.

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