Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Angelic Gospel Singers

Artist: The Angelic Gospel Singers
LP: Gotta Find a Better Home
Song: "Mercy Lord" 
[ listen ]

I love the concept for the cover of this 1977 "Gotta Find a Better Home" LP: "This frozen planet that's completely covered with ice will do! Let's set 'er down." Actually, planet Earth made a fine home for Margaret Allison and her Angelic Gospel Singers. According to Wikipedia, they were "the longest consistently selling female gospel group in African-American history," performing together for over 60 years—from 1944 until founder Margaret Allison's death in 2008. You can find a neat video clip of Allison performing with her AGS here. The women with Margaret Allison, center, in the photo on the back of the record must be Josephine Wells McDowell and Bernice Cole, but I'm not sure which is which. Anyone else have any idea?

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