Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart

Artist: Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart
LP: It's All Happening On the Inside
Song: "My Baby Loves Sad Songs" 
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I like to laugh about that time I met a group of three hipster guys at Havana on Capitol Hill and, though already in their 30s, all three of them still used the little-boy version of their names: Timmy, Billy and Tommy. I felt like we were about to play kick-ball! But I had no idea this lunacy had been going on for so long—evidently at least since this album came out back in 1969. Meet Tommy, Bobby, Billy, Louie...and John. They're otherwise known as Boyce & Hart, the fabulous swinging '60s duo who wrote lots of songs for The Monkees. Read more here.

[ Tommy Boyce: September 29, 1939 — November 23, 1994 ]
[ Bobby Hart: b. February 18, 1939 ]

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