Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Ink Spots

Artist: The Ink Spots
LP: The Ink Spots - Vol. 2
Song: "Paper Doll" 
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This old Ink Spots LP is one of the ones that survived The Great Ballard Apartment Flood of 2003. Fortunately, the album cover features a bunch of unsightly ink splotches all over it, so a little water damage just blends right in. The Ink Spots had a string of wonderful hits throughout the 1940s, like "Address Unknown" (actually 1939), "Maybe" (1940), "Do I Worry?" (1941) and "The Gypsy" (1946). But unfortunately, they're one of those bands where, when they split up in the mid-1950s, the two groups that splintered off started fighting and both called themselves The Ink Spots. Then things got really confusing. Both of those groups each told two friends, and then all of those groups told two friends, and so on and so forth. Anyway, over the past 60 years there have been over 100 different groups that have named themselves The Ink Spots. In 1967, a judge finally threw up his hands and declared The Ink Spots group name to be 'public domain,' meaning anyone could then use it without legal penalty. Why, now even YOU could start a group called The Ink Spots. You can read more about the groovy original hit-makers known as The Ink Spots and their many lineup changes on Wikipedia here. There's a nifty early music video of the group performing their very first hit, "If I Didn't Care" from 1939, at the link below.

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