Monday, January 30, 2012

Carl Jularbo

Artist: Carl Jularbo
LP: Carl Jularbo
Song: "Lycklige Henriks Polka"
[ listen ]

This weekend I was poking around in the "International—Other" section of my record collection and found some interesting stuff to post for the coming few days. This spirited 1974 Carl Jularbo compliation LP was evidently previously owned by an Elli DeLong, who at one time lived in south Seattle near the southern tip of Lake Washington and who had simply marvelous taste in music. According to Carl Jularbo's Wikipedia page here, he of the piercing blue eyes and tasteful moustache was the most famous Swedish accordionist of his time—and he never even learned to read music! You can visit the English-language webpage for the Carl Jularbo museum here, and if you stop by in person, you can enjoy some home-baked bread in the museum cafe! And while you're enjoying home-baked bread in the museum cafe, you can ask your server to translate the Swedish-language liner notes that I've included below.

 [ Carl Jularbo: June 6, 1893 — February 13, 1966 ]

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