Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Honor Blackman

Artist: Honor Blackman
LP: Everything I've Got
Song: "C'est Drole"
[ listen ]

This 1964 record from sultry blonde Bond girl Honor "Pussy Galore" Blackman is one of the neat things I found in Another Part of the Forest while visiting Cincinnati, Ohio last summer. Sadly, this LP is indeed Everything She's Got, since she never released another. You can read about Honor Blackman and see a list of movies and TV shows she's been in here, visit her official website here, and I've included the liner notes and photo from the back of the LP below.

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bitter69uk said...

C'est drole, indeed! I thought the only record Honor Blackman did was that campy "Kinky Boots" single. And I love how the liner notes to her own album try to make her feel bad about being "a frankly admitted 37!"