Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Frontiersmen

Artist: The Frontiersmen
LP: Country Jamboree
Song: "The Baby on the Doorstep"
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In this old-time country ballad from The Frontiersmen, what begins as the story of an extremely lucky day for a lonely and unfulfilled childless couple quickly evolves into a riveting courtroom drama! Additional thrills in the form of wagon-train races can be found between the pockets and lapels of the matching crimson blazers worn by Hi (?), Wayne, and Hal on the cover of their "Country Jamboree" LP. Get your own copy of the record here or here, pay four times more for a factory-sealed copy with an alternate cover featuring a wagon wheel, guitar, and lovely country lass here, or buy this terrific album in digital form on iTunes here.

[ Hi, Wayne, and Hal = The Frontiersmen ]

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dj trish said...

Shucks you should have a Guest DJ spot on wfmu.last night I listened to an obscure oldies show and could tell the DJ was playing records.Trish