Monday, January 9, 2012

Claudja Barry

Artist: Claudja Barry
LP: 12" single
Song: "I Will Follow Him"
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Song: "Work Me Over"
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If you're like I and dozens of other Americans, one of your resolutions is to stick with a vigorous aerobic workout routine this year. The songs from this 1982 Claudja Barry single helped get me started (and sweaty and sore) this morning—they can do the same for you! Born in Jamaica in 1952, Claudja's family took her to Canada when she was just a tot. After high school she ran off to the Big Apple where she landed a part in the musical "Hair," which led her to Europe where she landed a part in the group Boney M, which led her to a solo career which produced several hit dance singles, which of course leads back to my early morning aerobic routine. You can read more about Claudja Barry on Wikipedia here, then find her full discography and see what she's up to nowadays on her official website here. Say, what did this lovely performer's boyfriends used to call her in the early '80s while wooing her with baby-talk?
Hi-lite for answer here: "Claudjagoogoo"

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