Thursday, May 3, 2012

Buddy Bohn

Artist: Buddy Bohn
LP: A Drop In the Ocean
Song: "Piccalilly Lady"
[ listen ]

Born in Evanston, Illinois in August of 1939, Buddy Bohn, who now just goes by his middle name, "Moro," has traveled all around the globe with his guitar upon his back. At one point he was captured by terrorists in Algeria during the country's struggle for independence from France. Buddy played his guitar for his captors like he'd never played before and, enraptured, they gave him some money and let him go. Buddy has also played for a long list of famous people—like Pablo Picasso, Queen Elizabeth II, Greer Garson, Mama Cass, Lee Marvin, and Patty Duke...who all also presumably gave him some money and let him go. You can read more about this handsome and talented musician here, find lots of neat stuff on Moro's official website here, and go here to pre-order his autobiography, "Kin to the Wind," available May 16th!

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