Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ray Anthony and His Orchestra

Artist: Ray Anthony and His Orchestra
LP: Young Ideas
Song: "Coquette"
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According to the drawing on the back of this 1957 Ray Anthony LP, one young idea—admittedly not a very good one—is to bring your records and a record player with you to the beach and set them on the ground next to your towel so people can kick sand all over them. The album's front cover shows a woman in a bathing suit laying on top of a scantily-clad man who's holding a ukulele. Other "young ideas" are undoubtedly being formulated here, but for the life of me I can't imagine what they are. Ray Anthony, who celebrated his 90th birthday this past January, was at one time married to Mamie Van Doren, who's been giving fellows young ideas for the past 60 years, and who apparently doesn't take very good care of her records either. Van Doren divorced Anthony in 1958, citing cruelty, but the candid photo I've included below reveals what was really going on in the relationship. You can read all about talented trumpeteer extraordinaire Ray Anthony on Wikipedia here.

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dj trish said...

Ray Anthony is most famous for doing the theme to dragnet but had other cool stuff too!Trish

FootballRugby said...

Is there any chance of obtaining a link for this Young Ideas album please. I am a broke college student discovering Ray Anthony's music i would appreciate very much

Alex said...

Unfortunately, I've had to get rid of some LPs to make room for more, and this is one of the ones I no longer have.

BigThick HardD said...

Ray Anthony And His Orchestra - Young Ideas / Moments Together



Jazz Lover said...

Ray Anthony - ''Young Ideas'' (1957)