Monday, May 7, 2012

Lizabeth Scott

Artist: Lizabeth Scott
LP: Lizabeth
Song: "Men"
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So about two months ago I happened to catch a rare screening of NAKED ALIBI starring Gloria Grahame at a week-long noir series at The Uptown. For some reason Ms. Grahame got stuck in my head (femme fatales tend to do that) and I started reading this book about her (but not this one, it's too expensive!) while renting all her films at Scarecrow Video. One of them, THE GLASS WALL, was only available for rent with the three other titles in the first volume of Columbia Pictures' "Bad Girls of Film Noir" series. Of course I watched all four films, including the strange and wonderful TWO OF A KIND, starring Edmond O'Brien and Lizabeth Scott. I was intrigued by Scott, who was also terrific in the Columbia series' not-actually-very-noirish BAD FOR EACH OTHER. I'd heard vague rumors about Scott being a lesbian and decided to find out more about her. I learned everything I ever wanted to know about Lizabeth Scott (but was afraid to ask) on Wikipedia here and found additional info on the Sugacoobs blog here. I still don't know for sure whether Lizabeth is a lesbian or not, but who cares—the important thing is she recorded an LP! Naturally I logged onto my computer and ordered a used copy faster than you can say "Scranton, Pennsylvania!" The LP liner notes include further juicy bits of trivia—Lizabeth sleeps in the nude! She's "quite a blouseful" and was once mauled by a Cub Scout in Atlanta! Earl Wilson had a teenaged son named "Slugger!" 

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bitter69uk said...

How did I miss this blog when you first posted it? I love the smouldering Lizabeth Scott and I love this album. I think she could've been a very credible jazz chanteuse -- it's a shame it didn't work out for her. Funnily enough,I blogged about this myself a while back. There was a GREAT clip from 1950s TV of her singing "He is a Man" which has sadly now been deleted from Youtube. If you can, try to catch the film Too Late for Tears -- her best performance.