Friday, May 4, 2012

Los Guamuchileños de Culiacán

 Artist: Los Guamuchileños de Culiacán
LP: Los Guamuchileños de Culiacán [10" EP]
Song: "El Abandonado"
[ listen ]

Here's another one of the neat things I picked up at Satisfaction Records and CDs last weekend. I can't find any trace of this EP online—there's no mention of the DCL 10" series on this Columbia Records discography website, and none of the catalog numbers there are as low as 71. What I do know is that Los Guamuchileños are probably from this city in northwestern México, they made some terrific music for Columbia Records at some point, and according to a sticker on the label of side one, this record once belonged to a Mr. Pablo C. Lopez of 103 NE 63rd Street in Seattle. I've included closeups of some of my favorite details from the front cover of the EP—but the back cover is even better! In place of the usual track listing, label info, liner notes, and ads for other releases, someone stuck a big desert landscape photo there instead—featuring a tree, some sheep, and a cactus. 


joaquin lopez said...

Yep, you got a rarity there. Los Guamuchileños are a typical sinaloense band from Culiacán, the capital of Sinaloa. I have the record as well and today I am going to meet with one of the surviving musicians to sign it and talk about this historical event for an upcoming book on the history of "La Tambora".

Alex said...

Cool, thanks for the info! I hope you told him that his group has got a big new fan up in Seattle!