Thursday, March 23, 2017


Artist: Hamilton Bohannon
LP: Gettin' Off
Song: "Gettin' Off"
[ listen ]

"Gettin' Off" is how I started my day this morning and, let me tell you, it really got the juices flowing. (Hamilton) Bohannon was born in The Peach State on March 7, 1942 and worked briefly as a school teacher before hitting the road as drummer for Stevie Wonder on tour. He went on to play with a lot of other well-known Motown acts before forming his own group and making funky dance music like this. 

Sadly, according to Wikipedia, Hamilton Bohannon is a devout Christian who occasionally throws cold water over his own dance parties. His album "Dance Your Ass Off" reportedly includes this disclaimer: "Dance Your Ass Off is not used in the sense of profanity." Oh, please. Yes it is. Just look at Ted, Lorenzo, Leroy and Rick below. There's definitely a touch of bold, beautiful profanity in their soul.

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