Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Mariners

Artist: The Mariners
LP: Ship Ahoy
Song: "Keep Walkin'"
[ listen ]
Song: "In My Home Over There"
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Today my city sued President Trump. Seems Donald wants to withhold $$ from us unless we all join up with his Nazi witch-hunt for undocumented immigrants. It's almost kinda' cute how he thinks the USA is a corporation he bought and we're all employees that he can do with whatever he wants.

As a tribute to Seattle, I'm posting a few tracks by our city's baseball team, who also just happen to sing gospel music! Who knew! Wait. Can a "gospel quartet" have five people in it? Whatever. I'm definitely a Mariners fan—especially since they stuck a drawing of a fancy mustache on the back of their album. For lots of information and plenty of confusion about who sang bass in the group, read the comments here

I'm posting "In My Home Over There" as a tribute to immigrants and refugees, including the undocumented ones, who have come to the USA to find a better life for themselves and for their families. "Keep Walkin'" is a little bit of a tribute, but mostly it's to all the Christians aligned with Trump's pledge to "Make America Great Again," a musical reminder that they're not supposed to be treating people like shit.

[ The Mariners ]

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Ryan said...

Those Mariners can really swing! And not just bats!