Wednesday, September 28, 2011

American Tears

Artist: American Tears
LP: Tear Gas
Song: "Tear Gas"
[ listen ]

This 1975 American Tears LP, the second of three they released between '74 and '77, is something I picked up at AA Records Are Us in Toledo, Ohio. I bought the record mainly for the guys' hair and outfits, but was pleased to discover that the music was pretty good too (whenever I play "Tear Gas" at work, my colleague asks me if it's Yes. No!). I was also thrilled to find a set of American Tears stickers tucked inside the album, and to actually hear the sound of tear gas being discharged during this song. You can read about American Tears on here, and go here to find out what popular 1987 Cher hit can be partially blamed on lead vocalist Mark Mangold.

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