Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Les Baxter w/ Theremin, Vocal Group, and Orchestra

Artist: Les Baxter w/ Theremin, Vocal Group, and Orchestra
LP: Music Out of the Moon [10" EP]
Song: "Lunar Rhapsody"
[ listen ]

Here's a neat 10" Capitol record from 1950 featuring music unusual from Leslie Baxter (this was before people got to know him and started calling him Les), the father of space-age and exotica music. The arrangements presented here, which tend to play upon the more remote realm of human emotions, showcase a well-staffed string section, a far-out vocal chorus, and the throbbing, vibrant tones of the theremin. You can read about Señor Baxter on the Space Age Pop website here, and the EP liner notes are included below. I don't know about you, but I'm gonna' put "Lunar Rhapsody" on repeat tonight while lying on the couch with a martini and some bonbons, 'cause I've been feeling a little weary of the work-a-day world.

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