Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cecilia Valencic w/ The Almars Orchestra

Artist: Cecilia Valencic w/ The Almars Orchestra
LP: Cecilia Sings In Polkatown U.S.A.
Song: "I Won't Get Married"
[ listen ]

This Cecilia Valencic LP is another of the many fine records I picked up at the Polka Hall of Fame in Euclid, Ohio last month. Euclid is located just outside Cleveland—the "Polkatown U.S.A." referred to in the album's title. You can tell it's Cleveland, aka "The Buckle of the American Polka Belt," by the drawing of the city's famous Terminal Tower on the front cover. Though a Cleveland native, Cecilia Valencic is of Slovenian heritage and she's spent much of her lifetime sharing the joy of Slovenian music with anyone and everyone who's willing to listen. Under the name "Cecilia Valencic Dolgan," the talented singer is quoted in this terrific 2010 article about the Polka Museum and Hall of Fame in Euclid, and you can find a recent photo of Cecilia here, from a website where, credited as "Cecilia Dolgan," she's listed as the host of the Circle 2 Super Button Box Bash 29, which took place in April of 2011. Notes and photos from Cecilia's debut Delta International release are included below.

[ Cecilia Valencic w/ The Almars Orchestra and Mr. J. R. Gayer ]

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