Sunday, September 18, 2011

Frankie Avalon

Artist: Frankie Avalon
LP: Summer Scene
Song: "Summer Scene"
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The last and final record store I went to in Ohio was Magnolia Thunderpussy. Several people in Columbus had recommended it, but I think they were mostly just excited to say the name of the place out loud. They had lots of used CDs, DVDs, and new vinyl, but there wasn't much used vinyl to be found compared to other stores I'd visited. The only other thing I picked up besides this 1959 Frankie Avalon record was a Victor Buono comedy LP called "Heavy," on which he makes lots of jokes about being fat. Frankie Avalon, the ideal buddy-buddy and wonderful dream-guy next door, really lets his (leg) hair down on this collection of musical summertime ditties. Someone stole the full details of the "Win a date with Frankie" contest out of my copy of the record, but I don't usually date guys with ugly feet anyhow—and Frankie's feet must be ugly or they wouldn't have had to stick a fake beach ball on the front of the album to cover them up. You can read about the life and career of the talented teen trumpeter-actor-singer Frankie Avalon on Wikipedia here and see another sexy picture of him here. Liner notes from the album's paper insert are included below. 

 [ Magnolia Thunderpussy — Columbus, OH ]

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