Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Love Child's Afro Cuban Blues Band

 Artist: Love Child's Afro Cuban Blues Band
LP: Out Among 'Em
Song: "Ask Me"
[ listen ]

Along with recommending other Columbus record stores, Amy and Brett at Spoonful Records told me I should stop by the Sunday Flea Market on High Street, since there are usually booths there with lots of old records for sale.

 [ Sunday Flea Market — Columbus, OH ]

[ the booth where I bought some old records ]

It was an extremely hot day at that flea market in Columbus, and I was worried that some of the records might melt if I didn't buy them and put them in the trunk of my car. One of the records I saved was this 1975 release by Love Child's Afro Cuban Blues Band. You can find photos and notes from the back of the record included below, and I've organized the band members' pictures according to how sexy they are, with the hottest guys at the top. Please bear in mind that my shallow rating system is based purely on physical attributes, and doesn't take into account what these guys are like when you actually get to know them, or what they might look like now.

 [ I want Kevin's seafood in my playhouse. ]

 [ hot shit. ]

 [ the strong, silent type...probably from Miami. ]

 [ writes romantic poetry, some of it good. ]

 [ has lots of energy. ]

 [ can't understand why his picture isn't at the top. ]

 [ better-looking in person. ]

 [ lots of fun. ]

 [ reliable. ]

 [ in need of stylist, pronto. ]

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mixer167 said...

the pics of all the (band members) are actually pics of famous dj's and the clubs where they played. and very rare to see them .