Friday, August 22, 2008

Robert Long

Artist: Robert Long
LP: Vroeger of Later
Song: "Het Leven Was Lijden"
[ listen ]

Here's a nice song from Dutch singer Robert Long's first solo LP in 1974, following his stints in bands The Yelping Jackals and Unit Gloria in the 1960s. According to Wikipedia, Robert became a popular Dutch TV personality and news columnist in the 1980s and '90s. In 1998, a revealing collection of his personal letters about life, death, love, sex, work and various colleagues was made public in a book titled Beste Robert, Waarde Cees. In December of 2005, he married his Belgian boyfriend/manager Kristof Rutsaert, but sadly, Robert died just a year later from cancer at the age of 63.

Last night I discovered a mysterious letter written in Dutch that had been folded and tucked inside the LP cover next to the record. I'm assuming it's one of Robert Long's personal letters to his boyfriend, Kristof Rutsaert:

My suspicions were confirmed after I used Altavista's Babelfish to get an English translation:

The day comes dearest, the day The sun by the gordijneu, Dromeu which verdwjieu I weet that you cannot bijua. Become wakkes dearest tis slightly, Your hasen on the kussau, your mouth and daas between shadow on your qezicht. Up to morning dearest mischien, Now softly down Do not crack with the tredau: M' n ousbest cannot your zieu. Because tide and all audese dearest probereu telkaus, for our at verauderau dearest in a lady and a lord. Those altja tidy blineu dearest and never queaar do lijk; Never hartstochl let through themselves drijuen dearest except zoms zoeu. Nevertheless gaau we dearest our pace, If I was possible dau faithfully I with your because that wanted I that weet you nevertheless already since this way laug. Also without dearest also dau, kawik vau keep you without marrying yourself Tired jej minus woman and I your maw. Love dear is strong, Stronger daw we meuse. That everything tidy weusen with by the weeks the matter, and Sunday church. I open the windows dearest The street is empty and suffocates, I see you running outside lierste our bed is empty enkil. Now you gone are I to dream dearest vow what I and pocket had. To your lerug komau litfsie I dream alleau vow you.

[If anyone knows Dutch and can give me a better translation of Robert's letter, please send me an email.]

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