Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Taste of India

A Taste of India is one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle, and anyone who's reading this should have some dinner there if they ever find themselves in my neck of the woods. sprinkled with a variety of Indian and Indian-influenced delights, this mix was co-inspired by my new friend Raj, who moved to the Seattle area about a year ago from Delhi.

side one:
01. Kookaburra - Cocteau Twins
02. Milk and Honey - Jerry Cole & The Stingers
03. Water Here - Bodies of Water
04. Hanji Mara Lalou Sa - Musafir
05. Song of the Nile - Dead Can Dance
06. Before the Next Teardrop Falls - Tracy Haung
07. Sarasamukhi - Ravikiran
08. Jaate Hue Ye Pal Chhin - Ravindra Jain
09. First Avenue/Sculptor Bird - Trace
10. Wash the Day - TV On the Radio
11. Chamil - New Bharat Brass-Band
[ listen ]

side two:
01. Sir Dukh Da - Saqi
02. Thegg - Mahjongg
03. Blue Midnight - Tatsuro Yamashita
04. Cobra - Martin Denny
05. Likha Hai Teri - Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar
06. Is This the Way the Tigers Do? - His Name Is Alive
07. Indian Love Call - The Marty Gold Orchestra & Chorus
08. The Golden Horn - John Barry
09. Khwab Ho Tum - Kishore Kumar & Chorus
10. Bali Hai - Monty Kelly
11. Aj Bhangra Punjabia Na Pauna - Achanak

12. Disco Tango - Albert & Jenny Armen
13. No Goodbyes - The Andrews Sisters & Company
[ listen ]


buglady said...

This looks very cool! Which neighborhood is the restaurant located in? My friend and I had an amazing meal at an Indian restaurant in the Univ. dist. back in 1992...

Anonymous said...

What a great blend of music! Thank you for gracing me with your intense knowledge.

Anonymous said...

so perfect. thank you.