Friday, November 18, 2011

Cuarteto D'Aida

Artist: Cuarteto D'Aida
LP: An Evening at the Sans Souci
Song: "Las Mulatas del Cha Cha Cha"
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Song: "Cuanto Me Alegro (I'm So Glad)"
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Pianist Aida Diestro (December 21, 1924 — October 28, 1973) formed her quartet in Havana in 1952, and they soon became the toast of the town. The other ladies in Aida's famous quartet were Elena Burke (February 28, 1928—June 9, 2002), Moraima Secada (September 30, 1930—December 30, 1984), Haydée Portuondo (no dates found), and her younger sister Omara Portuondo, who was born on October 29, 1930 and still performs today. The LP liner notes (included below in both English and Spanish), say Aida's last name was actually Izquierdo, but they also indicate that Aida's quartet only featured three women (they've melded Moraima Secada and Haydée Portuondo into a single entity known as "Moraima Portuondo") so I say they're probably not to be trusted. This original lineup of the group remained together for eight years, during which time they recorded just one album (this one) in 1957. You can read more about the fabulous Cuban Cuarteto D'Aida on Wikipedia here.

[ pianist Aida Diestro (center) con su cuarteto. ]

[ Sñra. Aida Diestro (in black) con su cuarteto (in white). ]

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