Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Danièlle Oddera

Artist: Danièlle Oddera
LP: Danièlle Oddera
Song: "C'est Que Je T'Appartiens"
[ listen ]

I found this self-titled Danièlle Oddera LP in Montréal, Québec while attending a conference there several years ago for work. My French is pretty rusty, but from what I understand here, Danièlle Oddera met singer Jacques Brel at her very first party in 1965. Then, according to this, she and pianist-comedian Jean Marchand performed at a tribute concert in 2008 to honor of the 30th anniversary of Brel's death. You can find this lovely blonde chanteuse's discography by clicking here.

 [ Danièlle Oddera w/ Jean Marchand in 2008. ]

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