Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tommy Edwards

Artist: Tommy Edwards
LP: Tommy Edwards Sings
Song: "A Long Time"
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Song: "The Cherry In My Fruit Cocktail"
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This Tommy Edwards record sounded so good I accidentally bought two used copies of it on my summer road trip around Ohio—one in Cincinnati and the other in Toledo. Best known for his 1958 chart-topper called "It's All In the Game," Tommy Edwards had a lengthy string of songs hitting the charts between 1951 and 1960. This LP from the Newark, New Jersey-based Regent label was evidently released at the end of 1958, though it contains at least some songs that were recorded in '48 and '49. You can read more about the dashing Tommy Edwards here.

 [ Tommy Edwards: February 17, 1922 — October 22, 1969 ]

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whatever Happened to him?Trish