Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lenny Dee

Artist: Lenny Dee
LP: "Dee-Lightful! Hi-Fi Organ Solos With a Beat" [double 7" single]
Song: "Plantation Boogie"
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When I die, I want to get a black vinyl halo like Lenny Dee's! For over five decades, the popular and charismatic Lenny Dee delighted ladies and gentlemen alike with the magic of his fantastic organ. A Dee's original, "Plantation Boogie" was a top 20 hit in 1955, peaking at #18 on the singles charts. You can read all about Lenny's life and career on Wikipedia here, and notes and photos from the back of this double Decca 7" single are included below. Also, click here to find a tribute to Lenny Dee, posted after he died in 2006. There you'll see notes and musings from Lenny's friends and fans, along with a warning (in red, all caps) to be careful not to get the organ-playing Lenny Dee mixed up with the New York DJ of the same name who performs x-rated tracks!

 [ Lenny Dee: January 5, 1923 — February 12, 2006 ]

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dj trish said...

ah giving us a flashback attack here with your 50s records ayy?Heck you should be a DJ!Trish