Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Music of Poland

LP: The Music of Poland
Artist: Polish Student Chorus
Song: "Jedzie Boat (The Boat Is Rocking)"
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Artist: Z. Krukowski
Song: "Gdzie Idziesz Wojtus (Where Are You Going, Walter?)"
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I was a little confounded by the odd cover design (which gave me a craving for peppermint) for this various artists LP featuring singers who fled Poland to settle in Paris in the mid 20th century—until I did a Google image search for the Polish flag. The first song, "Jedzie Boat," is a rollicking nautical number performed by an entire student choir that somehow evidently escaped Poland together. The next song, "Gdzie Idziesz Wojtus," is an oberek—a sort of crazy waltz that involves lots of shouting and stomping, probably similar to what we call the Virginia reel here in America. As far as I can tell, we never do find out exactly where it was Walter was going. The LP liner notes, a neat drawing, and some info about the two tracks are included below.

 [ The Map of Poland ]

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